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TTCN-3를 이용한 네트워크 기반 임베디드 소프트웨어 테스팅 환경 구축

TTCN-3를 이용한 네트워크 기반 임베디드 소프트웨어 테스팅 환경 구축
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Testing Environment based on TTCN-3 for Network-based Embedded Software
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TTCN-3테스팅임베디드 소프트웨어네트워크 기반 임베디드 시스템CAN
It is highly requested that the more complicated embedded software is used for high performance and multiple functions of the systems. This is inevitably increasing the errors. Therefore the embedded software testing is getting important recently. There are not general testing methods which are able to be applied for any embedded systems, but via this research, we introduce a testing method which is based on TTCN-3, a testing standard, for embedded systems. A testing environment for network-based embedded software is implemented with considering the features of TTCN-3 testing which is based on message exchange. The testing environment has two additional parts with TTCN-3 test system, the network analyzer to access the network-based systems and the communication interface which is suggested for embedded systems in previous work, and we have implemented the whole testing environment with interacting these two parts. In addition to the normal testing domain, called single node testing as a unit testing of V-model, we suggest another concept to test multiple nodes in network. It could be achieved by adding keywords such as supervisor and object which are describing the feature of TTCN-3 testing component and generating the TTCN-3 Executable code which contains new keywords. The testing has done for embedded software which is based on CAN network and the demonstration of the testing environment has been shown in this paper.
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  • 이성훈 Lee, Seonghun 미래자동차연구부
  • Research Interests Automotive Embedded System
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