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High-Resolution and Large-Area Patterning of Highly Conductive Silver Nanowire Electrodes by Reverse Offset Printing and Intense Pulsed Light Irradiation

High-Resolution and Large-Area Patterning of Highly Conductive Silver Nanowire Electrodes by Reverse Offset Printing and Intense Pulsed Light Irradiation
Park, KyutaeWoo, KyooheeKim, JongyounLee, DonghwaAhn, YumiSong, DonghaKim, HonggiOh, DonghoKwon, SinLee, Youngu
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Lee, Youngu
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silver nanowirehigh-resolutionintense pulsed light irradiationpatterningreverse offset printing
Electric resistance measurementInkIrradiationNanowiresSilverThermoelectric equipmentThickness measurementTransparent electrodesHigh resolutionIntense pulsed lightpatterningReverse offset printingsSilver nanowiresOffset printing
Conventional printing technologies such as inkjet, screen, and gravure printing have been used to fabricate patterns of silver nanowire (AgNW) transparent conducting electrodes (TCEs) for a variety of electronic devices. However, they have critical limitations in achieving micrometer-scale fine line width, uniform thickness, sharp line edge, and pattering of various shapes. Moreover, the optical and electrical properties of printed AgNW patterns do not satisfy the performance required by flexible integrated electronic devices. Here, we report a high-resolution and large-area patterning of highly conductive AgNW TCEs by reverse offset printing and intense pulsed light (IPL) irradiation for flexible integrated electronic devices. A conductive AgNW ink for reverse offset printing is prepared by carefully adjusting the composition of AgNW content, solvents, surface energy modifiers, and organic binders for the first time. High-quality and high-resolution AgNW micropatterns with various shapes and line widths are successfully achieved on a large-area plastic substrate (120 × 100 mm 2 ) by optimizing the process parameters of reverse offset printing. The reverse offset printed AgNW micropatterns exhibit superior fine line widths (up to 6 μm) and excellent pattern quality such as sharp line edge, fine line spacing, effective wire junction connection, and smooth film roughness. They are post-processed with IPL irradiation, thereby realizing excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Furthermore, flexible OLEDs and heaters based on reverse offset printed AgNW micropatterns are successfully fabricated and characterized, demonstrating the potential use of the reverse offset printing for the conductive AgNW ink. © 2019 American Chemical Society.
American Chemical Society
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  • 이윤구 Lee, Youngu 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests OTF Solar cell; OLED; Printed Electronics; 유기박막형 태양전지
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