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A Novel Bmal1 Mutant Mouse Reveals Essential Roles of the C-Terminal Domain on Circadian Rhythms

Park, Noheon Kim, Hee-Dae Cheon, Solmi Row, Hansang Lee, Jiyeon Han, Dong-Hee Cho, Sehyung Kim, Kyung Jin

Public Library of Science, 2015-09

2016 866

Differential Regulation of Proton-Sensitive Ion Channels by Phospholipids: A Comparative Study between ASICs and TRPV1

Kweon, Hae Jin Yu, Soo Young Kim, Dong Il Suh, Byung Chang

Public Library of Science, 2015-03


Baxa, MC[Baxa, Michael C.] Yu, W[Yu, Wookyung] Adhikari, AN[Adhikari, Aashish N.] Ge, L[Ge, Liang] Xia, Z[Xia, Zhen] Zhou, RH[Zhou, Ruhong] Freed, KF[Freed, Karl F.] Sosnick, TR[Sosnick, Tobin R.]

National Academy of Sciences, 2015-07-07


Sugary interfaces mitigate contact damage where stiff meets soft

Yoo, Hee Young Iordachescu, Mihaela Huang, Jun Hennebert, Elise Kim, Sangsik Rho, Sangchul Foo, Mathias Flammang, Patrick Zeng, Hongbo Hwang, Daehee et al

Nature Publishing Group, 2016-06