Lab of Stem Cell Biology & Cancer Precision Medicine7

Research Goal
The ultimate goal of our research is to help people live longer and healthier. Preventing death and repairing the aged/diseased organs are essential to achieve this goal. Cancer is the most common cause of death, and organ failure is the most common feature of aging-related diseases. Therefore, regenerative medicine and cancer precision medicine are key areas of convergence biomedical research to prolong human life in the era of 4th industrial revolution.

Our mission is to make innovative and ground-breaking, convergence stem cell and cancer research and translate our research discoveries for the improvement of health and the cure of diseases. The core values of our research group include highest level of professionalism, creativity, innovation, integrity, motivation, resilience, mutual care and team-work. With this mission and core values in mind, we study these three inter-connected and synergizing research areas of

(1) Stem cell biology & regenerative medicine,
(2) Cancer biology & precision medicine,
(3) Aging & anti-aging medicine.

Advisor Professor : Jeong, Youngtae
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