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Stability and Performance Analysis of PIDPLUS Controlled SysteMaster over Wireless Networks

Stability and Performance Analysis of PIDPLUS Controlled SysteMaster over Wireless Networks
Minkyeong Jeon
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Lim, YongseobEun, YongsoonJeon, Minkyeong
Yongseob Lim
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Due to advance of communication and computing technologies, controlling dynamical systeMaster over wireless network has been received attention. Because wireless network has no guarantees, such networked control systeMaster should be designed taking into account an adverse communication channel property such as packet loss. Packet loss due to an unreliable network environment in a network control system not only affects the performance of the control system but also affects stability.

PIDPLUS controller which is a robust controller in an unreliable network environment, results in less loss of control performance due to packet loss as compared with conventional PID controller. However, we can not apply conventional control analysis tool to PIDPLUS controller due to the non-periodic sensor/actuator updates. So, the analysis of PIDPLUS controller has not been sufficient.

This thesis analyzes the performance and stability of PIDPLUS controller. We quantify the performance of the PIDPLUS controller and compare with conventional PID controller. We set effectively same gains for PIDPLUS and conventional PID controller. The analysis does not include plant transfer function. Instead, for the same input signal rich enough for its contents are used and the PIDPLUS controller response is compared from what considered to be the ideal case. In addition, we do the same analysis with discrete PID controller, which would be an alternative if PIDPLUS is not used.

Since the PIDPLUS controller is used in an unreliable network environment, it is necessary to establish a model for packet loss in order to analyze the stability. To analyze the stability of PIDPLUS, we modeled PIDPLUS controller and the PIDPLUS controller with saturating actuator and analyzed stability under packet loss.

We verified the stability analysis method of PIDPLUS for packet loss through a simple example and simulation.|네트워크 제어 시스템에서 신뢰할 수 없는 네트워크 환경으로 인해 발생하는 패킷 손실은 제어 시스템의 성능에 영향을 미칠 뿐만아니라 안정성에도 영향을 미친다. 이 때, 신뢰할 수 없는 네트워크 환경에 강인한 제어기인 PIDPLUS 제어 기법을 사용하면 일반적인 PID 제어기에 비해 패킷 손실로 인해 생기는 제어 성능의 손실이 적다. 하지만 PIDPLUS 제어기법은 비주기적인 센서 측정값의 업데이트로 인하여 기존 제어 시스템 분석 방법을 적용할 수 없어 충분한 분석이 이루어지지 않았다.

본 논문은 PIDPLUS 제어기의 성능과 안정성을 분석하였다. PIDPLUS 제어기의 성능을 정량화하고 PID 제어기와 비교하고 분석했다. PID 제어기와 PIDPLUS 제어기가 같은 제어 성능을 내도록 제어기의 이득을 설정하고 패킷 손실이 없을 때의 제어 성능과의 차이가 얼마나 나는 지를 지표로 삼아 비교하였다. 임의의 패킷 손실이 있는 환경에서의 PIDPLUS 제어기를 모델링하고 안정성을 분석했다. 더불어 액추에이터에 포화 현상을 고려한 PIDPLUS 제어기를 모델링하고 패킷 손실이 있는 환경에서 안정성을 분석했다. 간단한 예제와 시뮬레이션을 통해 패킷 손실에 대한 PIDPLUS의 안정성 분석 방법에대한 검증을 실시하였다.
Table Of Contents
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Thesis Outline 2

2 Background 3
2.1 Networked control systeMaster 4
2.2 Packet dropout in discrete systeMaster 4
2.3 Conventional PID 7
2.4 PIDPLUS 10

3 Analysis 19
3.1 Performance 20
3.2 Stability 26
3.3 Stability with Saturating Actuator 33

4 Conclusions 39

Bibliography 42

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Information and Communication Engineering
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  • 임용섭 Lim, Yongseob
  • Research Interests Autonomous Vehicle and Aerial Robotic Systems and Control; Theory and Applications for Mechatronic Systems and Control; 자율 주행 및 비행 시스템 제어; 로봇공학 및 지능제어
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