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Kang Lab is a research group in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology), South Korea. We are committed to work on engineering problems at the interface of Microelectronics and Bioelectronics/Biomedical engineering with the hope that various health-related challenges can be overcome with new technologies.
We are particularly interested in the following research areas: (1) Novel bioelectronic devices for more efficient bio-related signal recording/monitoring; (2) New neural engineering technologies for less invasive bio-signal modulation; (3) Functional nanomaterial microfabrication (e.g., printing) for new bioengineering applications; (4) Machine learning based large bio-signal data analysis; (5) Neuromorphic devices that closely mimic the characteristics of neuronal cells and neuronal networks.
We are a part of Advanced Electronic Device Research Group (AEDRG) at DGIST ICE (Department of Information and Communication Engineering).

Advisor Professor : Kang, Hongki
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