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Anomalous Sodium Storage Behavior in Al/F Dual-Doped P2-Type Sodium Manganese Oxide Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries

Anomalous Sodium Storage Behavior in Al/F Dual-Doped P2-Type Sodium Manganese Oxide Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Chae, Munseok S.Kim, Hyojeong J.Lyoo, JeyneAttias, RanGofer, YosefHong, Seung-TaeAurbach, Doron
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Chae, Munseok S.; Kim, Hyojeong J.; Lyoo, Jeyne; Attias, Ran; Gofer, Yosef; Hong, Seung-Tae; Aurbach, Doron
Issue Date
Advanced Energy Materials, 10(43), 2002205
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Article in press
Author Keywords
aluminum/fluorine dopingP2-type layered oxidesodium intercalationsodium manganese oxidesodium-ion batteries
Aluminum compoundsAluminum metallographyCathodesDigital storageManganese metallographyManganese oxideMetal ionsOxidesSodium metallographySodium-ion batteriesStorage (materials)Beneficial effectsDiffusion pathwaysElectrochemical characterizationsElectrochemical performanceHigh reversible capacitiesIntercalation mechanismsManganese oxide cathodePowder X ray diffractionSodium compounds
Various types of sodium manganese oxides are promising cathode materials for sodium storage systems. One of the most considerable advantages of this family of materials is their widespread natural abundance. So far, only a few host candidates have been reported and there is a need to develop new materials with improved practical electrochemical performance. Here, P2-type Al/F-doped sodium manganese oxide as well as its unique sodium storage mechanism is demonstrated by a combination of electrochemical characterization, structural analyses from powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) data, and 3D bond valence energy level calculations for the sodium diffusion pathways. The material exhibits a high reversible capacity of 164.3 mAh g−1 (0.3C rate) and capacity retention of 89.1% after 500 cycles (5C rate). The study clearly unravels the beneficial effect of the doping and the unique sodium intercalation mechanism devoid of the low diffusion O3 transformation. © 2020 Wiley-VCH GmbH
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  • Author Hong, Seung-Tae Battery Materials Discovery Laboratory
  • Research Interests Magnesium, calcium, and zinc ion batteries; lithium all-solid-state batteries, New inorganic materials discovery; Solid state chemistry; Crystallography; Mg, Ca, Zn 이온 이차전지; 리튬 전고체전지; 신 무기재료 합성; 고체화학; 결정화학
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