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Carbon nitride nanotubes with in situ grafted hydroxyl groups for highly efficient spontaneous H2O2 production

Carbon nitride nanotubes with in situ grafted hydroxyl groups for highly efficient spontaneous H2O2 production
Zhou, LiangLei, JuyingWang, FuchenWang, LingzhiHoffmann, Michael R.Liu, YongdiIn, Su-IlZhang, Jinlong
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Zhou, Liang; Lei, Juying; Wang, Fuchen; Wang, Lingzhi; Hoffmann, Michael R.; Liu, Yongdi; In, Su-Il; Zhang, Jinlong
Issue Date
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 288, 119993
Author Keywords
g-C3N4H2O2 productionHydroxyl groupsPhotocatalysisSpontaneous
An active and inexpensive photocatalyst for H2O2 production is desirable for industrial applications. However, obtaining high photocatalytic activity from metal-free catalysts without the use of sacrificial electron donors is difficult. Herein, g-C3N4 (CN) nanotubes functionalized with surface > OH groups that are grafted in situ were successfully synthesized via a novel alkalinization process. The nanotube structures provide a large surface area and improved mass transfer properties. In situ grafted > OH groups can capture photogenerated holes to promote separation of photogenerated charge, enabling the ready availability of electrons and hydrogen ions for H2O2 production. Further, the surface > OH groups help to suppress H2O2 self-decomposition. Consequently, a high rate of 240.36 μmol h−1 g−1 of H2O2 production can be achieved without sacrificial agents, which is the highest H2O2 production in a spontaneous system for metal-free photocatalysts. This work provides a new strategy for an efficient and spontaneous H2O2 production method using a metal-free CN photocatalyst. © 2021 Elsevier B.V.
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  • Author In, Su-Il Green and Renewable Energy for Endless Nature(GREEN) Lab
  • Research Interests CO2 conversion to hydrocarbon fuels; Water splitting for hydrogen generation; Quantum dot devices; Dye sensitized solar cells; Environmental remediation; Synthesis of functional nanomaterials; CO2 연료전환; 수소생산을 위한 광전기화학적 물분해; 양자점 태양전지; 염료감응 태양전지; 공해물질 저감연구; 기능성 나노소재 개발
Department of Energy Science and EngineeringGreen and Renewable Energy for Endless Nature(GREEN) Lab1. Journal Articles

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