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Recent Progress of Nanostructure Modified Anodes in Microbial Fuel Cells

Recent Progress of Nanostructure Modified Anodes in Microbial Fuel Cells
Kim, M[Kim, Marie]Kim, HW[Kim, Hyeon Woo]Nam, JY[Nam, Joo-Youn]In, SI[In, Su-Il]
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Kim, M[Kim, Marie]Kim, HW[Kim, Hyeon Woo]In, SI[In, Su-Il]
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AnodesBio Electrochemical SystemsBioelectric Energy SourcesBioenergyCarbonCatalyst ActivityCathodesCost EffectivenessDevicesElectrical EnergyElectrodeElectrode MaterialElectrode MaterialsElectrode Surface ModificationElectrode Surface ModificationsElectrodesElectrodes MaterialsEquipment DesignFuel CellsMicrobial Fuel CellsMicrobial OxidationNano-Structured ElectrodesNano-StructuresNanomaterialNanostructureNanotechnologySurface CharacteristicsSurface TreatmentWastewater Treatment
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) is a bio-electrochemical system which converts chemical energy into electrical energy by catalytic activity of microorganisms. Electrons produced by microbial oxidation from substrates such as organic matter, complex or renewable biomass are transferred to the anode. Protons produced at the anode migrate to the cathode via the wire and combine with oxygen to form water. Therefore MFC technologies are promising approach for generating electricity or hydrogen gas and wastewater treatment. Electrode materials are one of the keys to increase the power output of MFCs. To improve the cost effective performance of MFCs, various electrodes materials, modifications and configurations have been developed. In this paper, among other recent advances of nanostructured electrodes, especially carbon based anodes, are highlighted. The properties of these electrodes, in terms of surface characteristics, conductivity, modifications, and options were reviewed. The applications, challenges and perspectives of the current MFCs electrode for future development in bio or medical field are briefly discussed. © 2015 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.
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  • 인수일 In, Su-Il 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests CO2 conversion to hydrocarbon fuels; Water splitting for hydrogen generation; Quantum dot devices; Dye sensitized solar cells; Environmental remediation; Synthesis of functional nanomaterials; CO2 연료전환; 수소생산을 위한 광전기화학적 물분해; 양자점 태양전지; 염료감응 태양전지; 공해물질 저감연구; 기능성 나노소재 개발
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