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Micro-Size Antenna Structure with Vertical Nanowires for Wireless Power Transmission and Communication

Micro-Size Antenna Structure with Vertical Nanowires for Wireless Power Transmission and Communication
Kang, JG[Kang, Jong-Gu]Jeong, Y[Jeong, Yeri]Shin, JH[Shin, Jeong Hee]Choi, JW[Choi, Ji-Woong]Sohn, JI[Sohn, Jung Inn]Cha, SN[Cha, Seung Nam]Jang, JE[Jang, Jae Eun]
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Kang, JG[Kang, Jong-Gu]; Jeong, Y[Jeong, Yeri]; Shin, JH[Shin, Jeong Hee]; Choi, JW[Choi, Ji-Woong]Jang, JE[Jang, Jae Eun]
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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 14(11), 8205-8210
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Antenna StructuresElectromagnetic InductionMagnetic CoreMagnetic CoresMagnetic InductionNanowireNanowiresVertical NanowiresWireless Power Transmission
For biomedical implanted devices, a wireless power or a signal transmission is essential to protect an infection and to enhance durability. In this study, we present a magnetic induction technique for a power transmission without any wire connection between transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) in a micro scale. Due to a micro size effect of a flat spiral coil, a magnetic inductance is not high. To enhance the magnetic inductance, a three dimensional magnetic core is added to an antenna structure, which is consisted of ZnO nano wires coated by a nickel (Ni) layer. ZnO nano wires easily supply a large effective surface area with a vertical structural effect to the magnetic core structure, which induces a higher magnetic inductance with a ferro-magnetic material Ni. The magnetic induction antenna with the magnetic core shows a high inductance value, a low reflection power and a strong power transmission. The power transmission efficiencies are tested under the air and the water medium are almost the same values, so that the magnetic induction technique is quite proper to body implanted systems. Copyright © 2014 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.
American Scientific Publishers
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  • Author Jang, Jae Eun Advanced Electronic Devices Research Group(AEDRG)
  • Research Interests Nanoelectroinc device; 생체 신호 센싱 시스템 및 생체 모방 디바이스; 나노 통신 디바이스
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