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pH Sensor-Embedded Magnetically Driven Capsule for H. pylori Infection Diagnosis

pH Sensor-Embedded Magnetically Driven Capsule for H. pylori Infection Diagnosis
An, HeesuLee, JihunKee, HyeonwooPark, Sukho
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IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, v.7, no.4, pp.9067 - 9074
Author Keywords
AperturesDevelopment and prototypingElectrodesMagnetic fieldsMedical robots and systemsMicro/Nano robotsMicroorganismsProduct designRobot sensing systemsStomachWires
The Campylobacter-like organism (CLO) test is the most commonly employed test for diagnosing () infection in the stomach. Since the CLO test is an invasive method, minimally invasive methods have been proposed. However, the proposed methods exhibit relatively low specificity and sensitivity. In this letter, a novel infection diagnosis method that uses a pH sensor-embedded magnetically driven capsule is proposed. The proposed method adopts the principle of the CLO test to diagnose infection minimally invasively. The capsule comprises two chambers to sample gastric juice, and a pH sensor is embedded inside each chamber. Therefore, infection can be diagnosed using the urea hydrolysis property of and a pH sensor embedded in the chambers of the capsule. In addition, the capsule can be magnetically actuated using an external magnetic field owing to its neodymium-magnet. The performance of the proposed capsule was evaluated in several aspects. First, the sensing ability of the fabricated pH sensor was verified using a pH buffer solution. Second, the magnetic actuation capacity of the capsule was evaluated using a 6-coil electromagnetic actuation (EMA) system. Third, the gastric juice sampling and pH-sensing capabilities of the assembled capsule were evaluated using a phantom test. Finally, the ability to diagnose infection was validated using an ex vivo test. Consequently, this letter highlights the potential feasibility of establishing an infection diagnosis method using a pH sensor-embedded magnetically driven capsule. IEEE
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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  • 박석호 Park, Sukho 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Biomedical Micro/Nano Robotics; Biomedical Devices and Instruments
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