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Self-Cooling Gallium-Based Transformative Electronics with a Radiative Cooler for Reliable Stiffness Tuning in Outdoor Use

Self-Cooling Gallium-Based Transformative Electronics with a Radiative Cooler for Reliable Stiffness Tuning in Outdoor Use
Byun, Sang-HyukYun, Joo HoHeo, Se-YeonShi, ChuanqianLee, Gil JuAgno, Karen-ChristianJang, Kyung-InXiao, JianliangSong, Young MinJeong, Jae-Woong
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Advanced Science, v.9, no.24
Author Keywords
galliumliquid metalradiative coolingstiffness tuningtransformative electronics
Reconfigurability of a device that allows tuning of its shape and stiffness is utilized for personal electronics to provide an optimal mechanical interface for an intended purpose. Recent approaches in developing such transformative electronic systems (TES) involved the use of gallium liquid metal, which can change its liquid–solid phase by temperature to facilitate stiffness control of the device. However, the current design cannot withstand excessive heat during outdoor applications, leading to undesired softening of the device when the rigid mode of operation is favored. Here, a gallium-based TES integrated with a flexible and stretchable radiative cooler is presented, which offers zero-power thermal management for reliable rigid mode operation in the hot outdoors. The radiative cooler can both effectively reflect the heat transfer from the sun and emit thermal energy. It, therefore, allows a TES-in-the-air to maintain its temperature below the melting point of gallium (29.8 ℃) under hot weather with strong sun exposure, thus preventing unwanted softening of the device. Comprehensive studies on optical, thermal, and mechanical characteristics of radiative-cooler-integrated TES, along with a proof-of-concept demonstration in the hot outdoors verify the reliability of this design approach, suggesting the possibility of expanding the use of TES in various environments. © 2022 The Authors. Advanced Science published by Wiley-VCH GmbH.
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  • 장경인 Jang, Kyung-In 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Extreme mechanics; Stand-alone electronics; Heterogeneous materials; Biocompatible interfaces
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