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A robust cell counting approach based on a normalized 2D cross-correlation scheme for in-line holographic images

A robust cell counting approach based on a normalized 2D cross-correlation scheme for in-line holographic images
Ra, Ho KyeongKim, Hyung SeokYoon, Hee JungSon, Sang HyukPark, Tae JoonMoon, Sang Jun
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Son, Sang HyukPark, Tae JoonMoon, Sang Jun
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AlgorithmAnimal CellAnimalsBlood CellsCell CountComputer ProgramControlled StudyDisease CourseHolographyHumanHuman TissueHumansImage ProcessingImagingMiceMicro-Fluidic Analytical TechniquesMolecular RecognitionMouseNIH 3T3 CellsNon-HumanPeriodicityPriority Journal
To achieve the important aims of identifying and marking disease progression, cell counting is crucial for various biological and medical procedures, especially in a Point-Of-Care (POC) setting. In contrast to the conventional manual method of counting cells, a software-based approach provides improved reliability, faster speeds, and greater ease of use. We present a novel software-based approach to count in-line holographic cell images using the calculation of a normalized 2D cross-correlation. This enables fast, computationally-efficient pattern matching between a set of cell library images and the test image. Our evaluation results show that the proposed system is capable of quickly counting cells whilst reliably and accurately following human counting capability. Our novel approach is 5760 times faster than manual counting and provides at least 68% improved accuracy compared to other image processing algorithms. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2013.
Royal Society of Chemistry
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  • 손상혁 Son, Sang Hyuk 정보통신융합전공
  • Research Interests Real-time system; Wireless sensor network; Cyber-physical system; Data and event service; Information security; 실시간 임베디드 시스템
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