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Differential subcellular localization of DNA topoisomerase-1 isoforms and their roles during Caenorhabditis elegans development

Differential subcellular localization of DNA topoisomerase-1 isoforms and their roles during Caenorhabditis elegans development
Cha, DS[Cha, Dong Seok]Hollis, SE[Hollis, Sarah E.]Datla, US[Datla, Udaya Sree]Lee, S[Lee, Sejin]Ryu, J[Ryu, Jinsun]Jung, HR[Jung, Hey Rim]Kim, E[Kim, Eunsuk]Kim, K[Kim, Kyuhyung]Lee, M[Lee, Myeongwoo]Li, C[Li, Chris]Lee, MH[Lee, Myon-Hee]
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Kim, K[Kim, Kyuhyung]
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Alternative SplicingAnimalsCaenorhabditis ElegansCaenorhabditis Elegans ProteinsCell DivisionCell MigrationCell NucleusCell ProliferationCellular DistributionChromosomal SegregationChromosome SegregationDNA TopoisomeraseDNA Topoisomerase 1AlphaDNA Topoisomerase 1BetaDNA Topoisomerases, Type IEmbryo CellEmbryo DevelopmentGene ExpressionGene FunctionGenetic TranscriptionGermline DevelopmentGonad DevelopmentGonadsGreen Fluorescent ProteinImmunohistochemistryIsoenzymesNerve Cell DifferentiationNeuronNon-HumanPriority JournalReporter GeneRNA ImmunizationRNA InterferenceSensory Nerve CellTopoisomerase-1Unclassified Drug
DNA topoisomerase-1 (TOP-1) resolves the topological problems associated with DNA replication, transcription and recombination by introducing temporary single-strand breaks in the DNA. Caenorhabditis elegans TOP-1 has two isoforms, TOP-1α and TOP-1β. TOP-1β is broadly localized to the nuclei of many cells at all developmental stages and concentrated in nucleoli in embryo gut and oogenic cells. However, TOP-1α is specifically localized to centrosomes, neuronal cells, excretory cells and chromosomes of germ cells in embryonic and larval stages. Reporter gene analysis also shows that top-1 transcription is highly activated in several sensory neurons, speculating the possible role of TOP-1α in neuronal development. From RNA interference (RNAi) experiments, we demonstrated that C. elegans TOP-1 is required for chromosomal segregation, germline proliferation and gonadal migration, which are all correlated with the expression and activity of TOP-1. Therefore, our findings may provide an insight into a new role of TOP-1 in development of multicellular organisms. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Elsevier B.V.
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  • 김규형 Kim, Kyuhyung 뇌과학과
  • Research Interests Neurobehavior; Neural Circuit; Neurodevelopment; 신경회로; 신경행동; 신경발생; 신경유전학
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