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Development of needle insertion manipulator for central venous catheterization

Development of needle insertion manipulator for central venous catheterization
Kobayashi, YoHong, Jae SungHamano, RyutaroHashizume, MakotoOkada, KaoruFujie, Masakatsu
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Hong, Jae Sung
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IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems, 131(4), 870-879
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Central venous catheterization is a procedure, which a doctor insert a catheter into the patient's vein for transfusion. Since there are risks of bleeding from arterial puncture or pneumothorax from pleural puncture. Physicians are strictly required to make needle reach up into the vein and to stop the needle in the middle of vein. We proposed a robot system for assisting the venous puncture, which can relieve the difficulties in conventional procedure, and the risks of complication. This paper reports the design structuring and experimental results of needle insertion manipulator. First, we investigated the relationship between insertion force and angle into the vein. The results indicated that the judgment of perforation using the reaction force is possible in case where the needling angle is from 10 to 20 degree. The experiment to evaluate accuracy of the robot also revealed that it has beyond 0.5 mm accuracy. We also evaluated the positioning accuracy in the ultrasound images. The results displays that the accuracy is beyond 1.0 mm and it has enough for venous puncture. We also carried out the venous puncture experiment to the phantom and confirm our manipulator realized to make needle reach up into the vein. © 2011 The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
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  • Author Hong, Jaesung Surgical Robotics & Augmented Reality Lab
  • Research Interests Surgical Navigation; Surgical Robot; Medical Imaging; 영상 유도 수술 로봇; 수술 내비게이션
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