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Electrochemcial Sensor for Dopamine and Taste Sensor

Electrochemcial Sensor for Dopamine and Taste Sensor
Han Hee Jung
DGIST Authors
Han Hee JungKyung-In JangJae-Woong Jeong
Jae-Woong Jeong
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전기화학 바이오센서; 유성 역학; 신경 탐침; 파킨슨병; 도파민; 생체 영감; 전자 혀; 인공 지능
Table Of Contents
I. Introduction 1
II. Results 6
2.1 Materials and architectural strategy of MDD DA-sensing probe 6
2.1.1 Multi-deformable double-sided DA-sensing probe design 9
2.1.2 Immobilization of the enzyme on to the hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods 11
2.1.3 Electrochemical characteristics of MDD DA-sensing probe 15
2.1.4 Computational stress analysis of the MDD DA-sensing probe 20
2.1.5 In vivo, real-time monitoring DA dynamics in normal and PD mice model 24
2.1.6 Real-time measurement of pharmacological DA dynamics in the PD mice model 27
2.2 All-in-one design of flexible artificial E-tongue system 30
2.2.1 Concept of the bio-inspired artificial E-tongue system 33
2.2.2 Device structure of the biomimetic E-tongue device 35
2.2.3 Characteristics of lipid membrane-based artificial E-tongue system 42
2.2.4 Artificial E-tongue system responses to six different wines 46
2.2.5 Deep learning algorithm of artificial E-tongue system for wine classifications 50
III. Conclusion 55
IV. Experimental Methods and Materials 58
4.1 Reagents 58
4.2 Preparation of the substrate layer for MDD DA-sensing probe 59
4.3 Fabrication of top component (WE/RE) of the MDD DA-sensing probe 59
4.4 Fabrication of bottom component (CE) of the DDD DA-sensing probe 61
4.5 Amine-functionalization of ZnO NRs 63
4.6 Enzyme immobilization process 65
4.7 In vitro and in vivo electrochemical measurement 65
4.8 Finite element analysis of soft mechanics of MDD DA-sensing probe 66
4.9 In vitro biocompatibility test 67
4.10 In vivo biocompatibility test 67
4.11 Animals 68
4.12 In vivo dopamine sensing under electrical stimulation 69
4.13 Unilateral Parkinson’s model generation and its validation 70
4.14 In vivo dopamine sensing in Parkinson’s mice model 70
4.15 Preparation of lipid membrane solution 71
4.16 Flexible artificial E-tongue device fabrication 72
4.17 Measurements of open-circuit potential and EIS 73
4.18 Deep learning experiment setting 73
V. References 74
요 약 문 84
Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering
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  • 장경인 Jang, Kyung-In 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Extreme mechanics; Stand-alone electronics; Heterogeneous materials; Biocompatible interfaces
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