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Design and Implementation of an LED Mood Lighting System Using Personalized Color Sequence Generation

Design and Implementation of an LED Mood Lighting System Using Personalized Color Sequence Generation
Jeong, Gu-MinYeo, Jong-YunWon, Dong MookBae, Sung-HanPark, Kyung-Joon
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Park, Kyung-Joon
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Color SequenceColor Sequence GenerationColor Sequence PlayingFixed PeriodInterpolationLed Color SequenceLed LightingLed Lighting SystemLight-Emitting DiodesLightingLighting CircuitsLighting FixturesLighting SystemsOrbital TransferPulse Width ModulationService ContentSmartphonesTime Units
In this paper, we present a new LED (Light Emitting Diode) mood lighting system interacting with smartphones based on the generation of different light sequences. In the proposed system, one light sequence is considered to be one unit of the service contents, which is then transmitted through a network and played in an LED lighting system. To this end, we propose a novel generation scheme using a smartphone, and a decoding/playing mechanism in an LED lighting system. The lighting sequences have a fixed period divided into predefined time units. Two modes - basic and interpolation - are supported in each time unit when playing a color sequence. In the basic mode, the color is maintained for the entire time unit, whereas in the interpolation mode the color is interpolated. The sequence is decoded and played in the lighting circuit by changing the duty cycle of a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. A demonstration system of the overall proposed method was using smartphones, a server and an LED lighting system. The results from this experiment show the validity and applicability of the proposed scheme.
Korean Society for Internet Information
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  • 박경준 Park, Kyung-Joon 전기전자컴퓨터공학과
  • Research Interests Cyber-Physical Systems; 무선 센서-액츄에이터 네트워크; 스마트 팩토리
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