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Usability Evaluation of Wide-Angle Arthroscope and Development of Region of Interest Selection Interface

Usability Evaluation of Wide-Angle Arthroscope and Development of Region of Interest Selection Interface
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광각 관절경의 유용성 평가와 관심영역 선택 인터페이스 개발
Jung, Kyung Hwa
DGIST Authors
Jung, Kyung Hwa; Hong, Jae Sung
Hong, Jae Sung
Joung, Sang Hyun
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2015. 8
Wide-Angle ArthroscopeMotion Analysis SystemRegion of Interest (ROI) Selection Interface
The aim of study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a wide-angle arthroscope by comparison with a conven-tional arthroscope, and to propose a region of interest (ROI) selection interface which is enable solo surgery without assistants. The usability of wide-angle arthroscope was validated by comparing the scope handling performance between the 150 degree wide-angle arthroscope and 105 degree existing arthroscope when twelve participants with no experience of arthroscopic surgery performed the four shoulder arthroscopic simulation tasks in phantom mode. Four evaluation criteria for assessing the performance were (1) the time taken, (2) total trajectory length scope moved, (3) number of scope handing movements, (4) average acceleration. Experi-mental results support that the value of evaluation criteria was statistically lower when participants used the wide-angle arthroscope. The ROI selection interface simultaneously shows a wide-angle view and magnified ROI view which is required due to the small size of ROI in the wide-angle arthroscopic view, and an operating surgeon can select the ROI position without any assistants. We propose to use a surgical instrument itself for the selection of ROI position. For that purpose, a camera was affixed to the surgical instrument, and rotational movement of the instrument was analyzed by image processing. AKAZE algorithm was utilized for a feature extraction, and essential matrix acquired from matched features was decomposed into rotation angle. We test-ed a resolution of ROI selection which satisfied the accuracy up to 48 (6x8) division regions (quantitative as-sessment) and obtained the surgeon’s feedback that the interface facilitated the solo surgery (qualitative as-sessment). This study shows a new approach to evaluate the usefulness of wide-angle view in surgical situation using a motion analysis system, and the ROI selection interface is expected to have a great significance for future clinical use of a wide-angle endoscopic system. ⓒ 2015 DGIST
Table Of Contents
I. INTRODUCTION 1 -- 1.1 Demands for wider field-of-view in arthroscopy 1 -- 1.2 Usability evaluation of wide-angle-arthroscope 2 -- 1.3 Region of interest selection interface for wide-angle arthroscope 3 -- II. USABILITY EVALUATION OF WIDE-ANGLE ARTHROSCOPE 5 -- 2.1 Wide-angle and conventional arthroscopes 5 -- 2.2 Subject and simulation tasks 5 -- 2.3 Experimental setting 7 -- 2.4 Statistical Analysis 7 -- III. ROI INTERFACE FOR WIDE-ANGLE ARTHROSCOPE 9 -- 3.1 Region-of-interest selection interface 9 -- 3.2 Relation between DOF of a surgical instrument and ROI movements 11 -- 3.3 Feature extraction and matching algorithm 12 -- 3.4 Essential matrix decomposition for finding camera rotation 14 -- 3.5 ROI selection experiment 15 -- 3.5.1 Resolution test of ROI selection 15 -- 3.5.2 Phantom test 15 -- IV. RESULTS 17 -- 4.1 Comparison of work performance between conventional and wide-angle arthroscope 17 -- 4.2 Resolution test of ROI Selection and phantom test 18 -- V. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS 20
Robotics Engineering
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  • Author Hong, Jaesung Surgical Robotics Lab
  • Research Interests Surgical Navigation; Surgical Robot; Medical Imaging; 영상유도수술로봇; 수술네비게이션
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