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A Study on Spent Nuclear Fuel Inspection System and the Methods

A Study on Spent Nuclear Fuel Inspection System and the Methods
Bongsub Song
DGIST Authors
Yun, DongwonPark, JongwonSong, Bongsub
Jongwon Park
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Nuclear Robot, SNF inspection, Spent Nuclear Fuel, Automation
This paper deals with the system development and its process of automatically inspecting spent nuclear fuel (SNF) located in water. This automated inspection systems were named 'SCV (Sent Fuel Check Vehicle). The SCV needed several functions to perform its inspecting operation. We selected three essential functions to perform the mission: the ability for the robot to find a target, the ability to move to a target, and the ability to create a path. To find the target, we developed an algorithm that can extract the target using a camera mounted on the robot. To make move robot system, we designed position controller that can make move robot to exact position. Thus, To inspect all of target efficiently, we implemented a path planning algorithm that can generate path. These implemented functions have been made into each node that the system can use. Each node was applied to the system and experimented. For the experiment, the experimental environ-ment was built using a model target, such as the shape of the nuclear fuel currently used.
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. Introduction 1

ⅠI. Antecedent Research of Nuclear Field Robotics 2
2.1 Reactor field 2
2.2 Facility monitoring field 2
2.3 Spent nuclear fuel managing field 3
2.4 Disaster respond field 5
2.5 Emerging field 6

IIⅠ. Major Robot Technology 7
3.1 Sensor technology 7
3.1.1 Image sensor 7
3.1.2 LiDAR 8
3.1.3 Ultrasonic sensor 9
3.1.4 IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit) sensor 10
3.2 Actuator technology 11
3.3 Platform technology 11

ⅠV. Goal and Selected Technology 12

V. Developed Robot, SCV 14

VⅠ. Implemented Method 17
6.1 Target extraction method 17
6.2 System control method 21
6.3 Path planning method 26
6.3.1 Zig-Zag inspection mode 27
6.3.2 Step inspection mode 27
6.3.3 Discover inspection mode 28
6.4 Path plan batch 29

VⅠI. Experiment 31

VⅠII. Conclusion 36
Robotics Engineering
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  • 윤동원 Yun, Dongwon 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Biomimetic Robot; Soft Robotics; Robot elementary technology : Sensors and actuators; Study on the medical application; Study on the industrial application
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