Molecular & Cellular Smell Biology Lab 32

My research focuses on:
I. Deciphering the molecular and physiological roles of peripheral chemoreceptor functions outside of the sensory neuronal system, in order to identify in vivo ligands, characterize the chemoreceptor-ligand complexes, and develop a drug to maintain homeostasis within this system.
II. Understanding the molecular and physiological mechanisms of how chemoreceptors recognize ligands in the brain, and gene expression regulation of chemoreceptor in diseases (brain-related diseases, diabetes, and sepsis) associated animal models and its application.
III. Developing an entirely new technology combining big-data computing methodology and biological insights together.
1) Ectopic Expression and Functions of Odorant (Olfactory) G-protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs): Odorant GPCRs
2) Odorant GPCRs Structure and Function
3) Endocrine diseases and Odorant GPCRs
4) Neuroendocrine system and Odorant GPCRs
5) Immune system/diseases and Odorant GPCRs

Advisor Professor : Koo, JaeHyung
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