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Betavoltaic Nuclear Battery: A Review of Recent Progress and Challenges as an Alternative Energy Source

Betavoltaic Nuclear Battery: A Review of Recent Progress and Challenges as an Alternative Energy Source
Naseem, Muhammad BilalKim, Hong SooLee, JunhoKim, Chol HyunIn, Su-Il
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, v.127, no.16, pp.7565 - 7579
Nuclear energy is considered a suitable and eco-friendly alternative for combating the rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from excessive fossil fuel consumption. Betavoltaic battery is a form of nuclear technology that utilizes the decay energy of β-emitting radioisotopes to produce electrical power. Owing to its long shelf life, high specific energy density, and ability to work under extreme conditions, it has been a subject of considerable research attention in the past few years. Despite significant research on betavoltaic battery, several impediments to realizing high energy conversion efficiency and maximum power density have yet to be overcome. This Review Article comprehensively discusses the challenges and recent research progress of betavoltaic battery development. First, promising strategies for improving betavoltaic battery performance, theoretical principles, and equations for quantifying betavoltaic battery efficiency are discussed. Then a thorough overview of several β-radiation absorbing materials, such as traditional semiconductors, metal oxides, and organic/inorganic materials, is explored. Finally, the outlook for betavoltaic battery is discussed before concluding the review. © 2023 American Chemical Society
American Chemical Society
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  • 인수일 In, Su-Il 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests CO2 conversion to hydrocarbon fuels; Water splitting for hydrogen generation; Quantum dot devices; Dye sensitized solar cells; Environmental remediation; Synthesis of functional nanomaterials; CO2 연료전환; 수소생산을 위한 광전기화학적 물분해; 양자점 태양전지; 염료감응 태양전지; 공해물질 저감연구; 기능성 나노소재 개발
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