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소형로봇용 500W급 연료전지 스택무게 최적화 설계

소형로봇용 500W급 연료전지 스택무게 최적화 설계
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Design Optimization of a 500W Fuel Cell Stack Weight for Small Robot Applications
최경호박용헌황순욱Ench, R. MichaelBates, Alex M.이상철권오성이동하
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최경호박용헌황순욱Ench, R. MichaelBates, Alex M.이상철권오성이동하
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Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) are the most appropriate for energy source of small robot applications. PEMFC has superior in power density and thermodynamic efficiency as compared with the Direct Methaol Fuel Cell (DMFC). Furthermore, PEMFC has lighter weight and smaller size than DMFC which are very important factors as small robot power system. The most significant factor of mobile robots is weight which relates closely with energy consumption and robot operation. This research tried to find optimum specifications in terms of type, number of cell, active area, cooling method, weight, and size. In order to find optimum 500W PEMFC, six options are designed in this paper and studied to reduce total stack weight by applying new materials and design innovations. However, still remaining problems are thermal management, robot space for energy sources, and so on. For a thermal management, design options need to analysis of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for determining which option has the improved performance and durability.
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  • 최경호 Choi, Gyeungho 융합전공
  • Research Interests ADAS; Automated Driving System; Clean Gas Energy Technology; Air Pollution Control Technology
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