Center for Core Research Facilities30

There are 7 core public infrastructures existing which successfully support the MIREBraiN program: (M: Emerging Materials Science; I: Information &amp; Communication Engineering; R: Medical Robotics; E: Green Energy Research; B: Brain Science; and N: New Biology Research). These represent DGIST&rsquo;s specialized research fields. Under the goal of &ldquo;establishing excellence in educational and research infrastructures&rdquo;, CCRF has pursued the construction, planning, and introduction of public research facilities and equipment; the promotion of the public use of infrastructures; and the provision of internal and external services. In addition, we continue to introduce and operate efficient management systems to increase the user&rsquo;s convenience regarding the constructed educational and research infrastructures In addition, CCRF aims to secure optimal conditions for its infrastructure and provide research support services. We seek to promote efficiency in equipment operation on a national level and to contribute to the advancement of research infrastructures in Yeongnam province. We also hope to enhance local industries by opening world-class DGIST infrastructures constructed in our area to not only internal researchers, but also external organs and corporations. <br><br><b> <a href="" target="_blank">Center for Core Research Facilities Homepage</a></b>