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All Joint Controlling Master Device for Y-type Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery Robot

All Joint Controlling Master Device for Y-type Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery Robot
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Y 형태의 단일 공 복강경 수술 로봇을 위한 모든 관절을 조정할 수 있는 마스터
Shim, Seong Bo
DGIST Authors
Shim, Seong Bo; Hong, Jae SungKang, Tae Hun
Hong, Jae Sung
Kang, Tae Hun
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2015. 2
Single port surgery robotMaster deviceAll joints controlErgonomic design
Recently, a number of Y-type robot for single port laparoscopic surgery (SPLS) have been developed. Considering that all joints of the robot are inserted in the human body during the surgery, the general master device which controls the only tip of the robot is not suitable. The reason is that some joint operation will not be under control and may damage tissues in the tip controlling method. In this paper, we propose an ergonomic master device for Y-type SPLS robot to control all joints separately. The designed master device has two main features: (1) In order to reduce fatigue of operators during the surgery, ergonomic design and counterbalanced mechanism are applied to the master device. (2) To minimize the velocity error of tips between master and slave, the mapping factors of each joint are calculated and implemented. Consequently, we have designed all joints controlling master device ergonomically, and found the mapping factors to have minimum a velocity error of both tips. We verified that operators can manipulate the slave robot intuitively and both tips have simi-lar velocity through the simulation. ⓒ 2015 DGIST
Table Of Contents
I. INTRODUCTION 1 -- 1.1 Introduction to Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery (SPLS) 1 -- 1.2 Previous researches of robotic SPLS 3 -- 1.3 Previous researches of master deivce 6 -- 1.4 Design factors of master device 8 -- 1.5 Research contents and goals 10 -- II. DESIGN CONSIDERATION OF MASTER DEIVCE 12 -- 2.1 Slave robot for single port laparoscopic surgery 12 -- 2.2 Ergonomic 15 -- 2.1.1 Joints arrangement 16 -- 2.1.2 Balance of the positioning stage 19 -- 2.3 Sensors and material 23 -- III. KINEMATICS ANALYSIS AND MAPPIG FACTORS 24 -- 3.1 Forward kinematics 27 -- 3.2 Inverse kinematics 28 -- 3.3 Jacobian analysis 30 -- 3.4 Mapping factors 33 -- IV. EXPERIMENTS AND RESULTS 41 -- 4.1 Mesurging velocity and results 41 -- 4.2 Simulation with virtual slave robot and result 44 -- V. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS 46
Robotics Engineering
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  • Author Hong, Jaesung Surgical Robotics Lab
  • Research Interests Surgical Navigation; Surgical Robot; Medical Imaging; 영상유도수술로봇; 수술네비게이션
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