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Trajectory Tracking of Quadrotors Using Differential Flatness and Computed Torque Control

Trajectory Tracking of Quadrotors Using Differential Flatness and Computed Torque Control
Alternative Title
미분 평탄성 및 토크 계산 제어를 이용한 쿼드로터 궤적 추종
Choi, Ki Hoon
DGIST Authors
Mohamed Abbas Ali AhmedKim, Cheol Gi
Eun, Yong Soon
Chang, Dong Eui
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Awarded Date
2016. 8
FlatnessMotion PlanningTrajectory Tracking ControlQuadrotorUAV미분 평탄성동작 계획궤적 추종 제어쿼드로터무인비행기
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has recently been receiving much attention because of a wide range of potentional applications such as environmental monitoring, disaster monitoring, reconnaissance and even deliveries for online shopping. For these applications, position and attitude control is an important task. However, the challenge of position and attitude control lies in that position of quadrotor is coupled with roll, pitch and yaw motions in non-linear manner. Motion planning is also important. Because reference trajectories inconsistent with feasible motion of the quadrotor make controller design difficult and result in poor tracking performance. The objective of this thesis is to design controller for quadrotor position and at-titude motion tracking control. First, the quadrotor dynamics are modeled using reference frames, rotation matrix, force, moments, kinematics and dynamics by Euler-Newton Equation. Then, differential flatness-based motion planning is presented for reference trajectory genera-tion. Finally, PID type controller and Computed Torque Method controller are designed for po-sition and attitude control. Results are validated using MATLAB simulations.
Table Of Contents
I. Introduction--
1.1 Previous work --
1.2 Motivation --
1.2 Thesis Structure --
II. Background--
2.1 Computed Torque Method --
III. Quadrotor Model--
3.1 Model Assumptions --
3.2 Reference Frames --
3.2.1 The Inertial Frame --
3.2.2 The Vehicle Frame --
3.2.3 The Vehicle-1 Frame --
3.2.4 The Vehicle-2 Frame --
3.2.5 The Body Frame --
3.3 Rotation Matrix --
3.4 Quadrotor Kinematics & Dynamics --
3.4.1 Kinematic Model --
3.4.2 Dynamic Model --
3.4.3 Force and Moments --
3.4.4 State Space Representation --
IV. Differential Flatness-Based Motion Planning--
4.1 Differential Flatness --
4.2 Flat Output Trajectory Generation --
V. Controller Design--
5.1 Position Controller --
5.2 Flat Output Conversion --
5.3 Force Generator --
5.4 Attitude Controller by Computed Torque Method --
VI. Simulations--
6.1 Simulation Parameters --
6.2 Simulation Results --
6.3 3D Visualization --
VII. Conclusion and Future Work
Information and Communication Engineering
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  • 김철기 Kim, CheolGi 화학물리학과
  • Research Interests Magnetic Materials and Spintronics; Converging Technology of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials; Bio-NEMS;MEMS
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