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Electronic Skin to Feel "Pain": Detecting "Prick" and "Hot" Pain Sensations

Electronic Skin to Feel "Pain": Detecting "Prick" and "Hot" Pain Sensations
Sim, MinkyungLee, Kyung HwaShin, KwonsikShin, Jeong HeeChoi, Ji-WoongChoi, HongsooMoon, CheilKim, Hyun SikCho, YuljaeCha, Seung NamJung, Jae EunSohn, Jung InnJang, Jae Eun
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Choi, Ji-WoongChoi, HongsooMoon, CheilJang, Jae Eun
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Article; Early Access
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artificial pain feelingelectronic skintactile sensorZnO nanowireSeebeck effectpiezoelectric effectpyroelectric effect
An artificial tactile system has attracted tremendous interest and intensive study, since it can be applied as a new functional interface between humans and electronic devices. Unfortunately, most previous works focused on improving the sensitivity of sensors. However, humans also respond to psychological feelings for sensations such as pain, softness, or roughness, which are important factors for interacting with others and objects. Here, we present an electronic skin concept that generates a "pain" warning signal, specifically, to sharp "prick" and "hot" sensations. To simplify the sensor structure for these two feelings, a single-body tactile sensor design is proposed. By exploiting "hot" feeling based on the Seebeck effect instead of the pyroelectric property, it is possible to distinguish points registering a "hot" feeling from those generating a "prick" feeling, which is based on the piezoelectric effect. The control of free carrier concentration in nanowire induced the appropriate level of Seebeck current, which enabled the sensor system to be more reliable. The first derivatives of the piezo and Seebeck output signals are the key factors for the signal processing of the "pain" feeling. The main idea can be applied to mimic other psychological tactile feelings. © Copyright 2019, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
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  • 최지웅 Choi, Ji-Woong 전기전자컴퓨터공학과
  • Research Interests Communication System; Signal Processing; Communication Circuit Design; 생체 신호 통신 및 신호 처리; 뇌-기계 인터페이스(BMI); 차세대 교차계층 통신 및 신호 처리; 5G 모바일 통신
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