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Development and Control of High Driving-Force Quadruped Robot

Development and Control of High Driving-Force Quadruped Robot
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고 구동력을 가지는 사족로봇의 개발 및 제어
Woosong Kang
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Woosong KangSehoon OhDongwon Yun
Dongwon Yun
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Quadruped Robot , Driving Force , Series Elastic Actuator(SEA) , Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum(SLIP), 사족로봇, 구동력, Series Elastic Actuator(SEA), Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum(SLIP)
This thesis presents the hardware and control development for a high-speed quadruped robot with a high driving force. A developed quadruped robot called SPINE has built by using high torque and high fidelity force controllable SEA, biarticular designed based leg and carbon-based body.
Table Of Contents
1 Introuduction 1
1.1 Research Background 1
1.2 Literature Review of Quadruped Robot 2
1.2.1 Locomotion of Quadruped Robot 2
1.2.2 Driving Force of Quadruped Robot 3
1.3 Outline of Dissertation 4
2 Design of Quadruped Robot 6
2.1 Actuator Design 7
2.2 Leg Design 10
2.3 Body Design 11
3 Control of Quadruped Robot 15
Actuator Torque Control 17
3.1 Overall Torque Control Algorithm 17
3.2 SEA Force Control in Real Environment 18
3.3 Motor Cogging Torque Compensation 20
3.3.1 Cogging torque measurement 20
3.3.2 Torque Ripple characterization and compensation based on multi-sine function 22
3.3.3 Experimental veri cation of proposed torque ripple compensation method 24
3.4 Harmonic Geared Ripple Minimization 25
3.4.1 In uence of Harmonic Drive Torque Ripple as Disturbance in SEA Force Control 25
3.4.2 Analysis of Torque Ripple and Accurate Force Control for SEA 26
3.4.3 Experimental Veri cation 32
3.5 Summary 36
Locomotion Control based on SLIP dynamics 39
3.6 One Leg Locomotion 39
3.7 Two Legs Locomotion 40
3.7.1 SLIP model of Sagittal plane of quadruped Robot 41
3.7.2 Integrated Dual SLIP control for two legs hopping with synchronization 41
3.7.3 Experimental results 44
3.8 Summary 45
Traction Control for High Speed Locomotion 46
3.9 Observer Design 46
3.9.1 Nominal Modeling of Leg 46
3.9.2 Dynamics Analysis 47
3.9.3 Design Ground Contact Force Observer 48
3.9.4 Simulation Result 49
3.10 Driving Force Compensation in SLIP dynamics 51
3.10.1 Design Force Compensation Algorithm 51
3.10.2 Simulation Results 52
3.11 Summary 52
4 Conclusion 54
4.1 Contribution Points 54
4.1.1 Development of Quadruped Robot 54
4.1.2 Actuator Torque Control 54
4.1.3 Locomotion control based on SLIP dynamics 55
4.1.4 Driving Force Control for High Speed Locomotion 55
4.2 Future Plan 55
Bibliography 56
Robotics Engineering
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  • 오세훈 Oh, Sehoon 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Research on Human-friendly motion control; Development of human assistance;rehabilitation system; Design of robotic system based on human musculoskeletal system; Analysis of human walking dynamics and its application to robotics; 친인간적인 운동제어 설계연구; 인간 보조;재활 시스템의 설계 및 개발연구; 인간 근골격계에 기초한 로봇기구 개발연구; 보행운동 분석과 모델 및 로봇기구에의 응용
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