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Welcome to SMART lab.!! The research topics of SMART lab. are various biomedical applications based on robotics, opto-mechatronics, microsurgery, neuro-rehabilitation, brain engineering, and so on. To solve many complex problems in engineering and science, smarter approaches in convergence research are required.
Since 2014, SMART lab has been grown with prof. Cheol Song and SMART students in DGIST. Based on the creative robot mechanism with optical imaging and sensor technology(e.g. Optical Coherence Tomography) , various microsurgical robots applied to practical cases are on development. In terms of neuro-rehabilitation, brain disease such as stroke has been studied with animal experiments. Also, biomechanical studies using optical coherence elastography is studied for preclinical diagnosis.
The key contribution of the research in SMART lab is to give high impact of the systematic performance in biomedical applications by adapting new technology. Currently, these efforts brought out best results: a non-invasive real-time blood monitoring system for cardiovascular diseases, a handheld microsurgical robot manipulator to control the tool tip position, …..
In SMART lab, the members can be an all-round researcher who has enough background on robot manipulator, optomechatronic system, software programming, neurobiology,…
Always welcome, and be with us!!

Advisor Professor : Song, Cheol
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