MCL(Motion Control Lab)60

We are dedicated to help people find better ability in motions through various technologies of robotics and control engineering:
1) Control: How control algorithm should be different when various assistive systems that have close interaction with humans emerging. We would like to propose fundamental and practical solutions to this problem.
2) Actuator: Actuators have been developed mostly with the aim of industrial applications, which resulted in rigid and high speed force sources. We would like to develop actuators with new paradigm, that can be compliant while still powerful.
3) Mobility: Mobility is one of the most basic and necessary ability of mankind, which is strongly related to the quality of life. We would like everyone to benefit from the walking technologies we develop.
4) Muscle: Human has developed our musculoskeletal systems and out to control it. Our purpose of the research on muscles is to understand them in terms of robotics and to apply them for practical robots.

Advisor Professor : Oh, Se Hoon
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