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Development of Force Observer in Series Elastic Actuator for Dynamic Control

Development of Force Observer in Series Elastic Actuator for Dynamic Control
Park, YongsuPaine, NicholasOh, Sehoon
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Oh, Sehoon
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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 65(3), 2398-2407
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ActuatorsDeformationDynamicsForceForce EstimationImpedance ControlLoad DynamicsLoad ModelingObserversRobotsSea MeasurementsSeries Elastic ActuatorSeries Elastic ActuatorsSpringsSprings (Components)
Recently, a series elastic actuator (SEA) has emerged as a potential actuator system for various robotic applications where safe and precise interactive force control is required. Even though lots of research has been conducted on the mechanical/controller design and the development of applications for SEAs, the accurate force observation issue has not been highlighted much. Only the simple law, that is, the spring in an SEA can measure interactive force has been repeatedly mentioned and utilized. However, this is not true when the load-side dynamics affects the spring deformation significantly. This paper tackles this problem by demonstrating the imprecise force observation of the spring deformation and proposing two types of external force observers to address the problem. A reaction force-sensing SEA (RFSEA) is adopted in this paper, and its dynamic characteristic is analyzed in detail using the Lagrangian mechanics. Based on the analyzed dynamics, force observers are designed and verified through simulations and experiments. An XY stage driven by RFSEAs is developed so that the stage can be force controlled, and the proposed force observers are applied to this. Human interactive forces on the developed XY stage, the impedance of which is controlled in several ways, are estimated and compared with a force plate. Various experimental results validate the performance and potential of the proposed force observer for SEA systems. © 1982-2012 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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  • Author Oh, Sehoon MCL(Motion Control Lab)
  • Research Interests Research on Human-friendly motion control; Development of human assistance;rehabilitation system; Design of robotic system based on human musculoskeletal system; Analysis of human walking dynamics and its application to robotics; 친인간적인 운동제어 설계연구; 인간 보조;재활 시스템의 설계 및 개발연구; 인간 근골격계에 기초한 로봇기구 개발연구; 보행운동 분석과 모델 및 로봇기구에의 응용
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