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Highly Deformable Double-Sided Neural Probe with All-in-One Electrode System for Real-Time In Vivo Detection of Dopamine for Parkinson's Disease

Highly Deformable Double-Sided Neural Probe with All-in-One Electrode System for Real-Time In Vivo Detection of Dopamine for Parkinson's Disease
Jung, Han HeeHa, JeongdaePark, JeongrakKang, SeongtakKim, JinmoJung, Han NaKim, SamhwanYea, JunwooLee, HyeokjunOh, SaehyuckJekal, JanghwanSong, SoojeongSon, JieunYu, Tae SangLee, YoungjeonWon, JinyoungLim, Kyung SeobLee, Yoon KyeungKeum, HohyunLee, TaeyoonSong, Young MinJeong, Jae-WoongRah, Jong-CheolChoi, Ji-WoongXu, ShengOh, Yong-SeokJang, Kyung-In
Issued Date
Advanced Functional Materials, v.34, no.4
Author Keywords
electrochemical biosensorsneural probesParkinson&aposs diseasesoft mechanicsdopamine
Precise monitoring of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine (DA), is critical for understanding brain function and treating neurological disorders since dysregulation of DA implicates in a range of disorders, including Parkinson's disease (PD), schizophrenia, and addiction. This study proposes a multi-deformable double-sided (MDD) DA-sensing probe with the three-electrode system in all-in-one form for reliable real-time monitoring of DA dynamics by integrating working, reference, and counter electrodes on a single probe. The proposed probe achieves high DA sensitivity and selectivity in virtue of enzyme immobilization on the 3D nanostructures grown on working electrode. Also, the serpentine design is employed for the electrodes to withstand in various deformations by achieving high stretchability and manage the stress induced on the probe. Experimental and computational analysis demonstrates an effective reduction in induced-stress on the electrodes. The MDD DA-sensing probe is implanted into the brain with success to enable real-time, in vivo monitoring of DA levels in rodents. Furthermore, DA dynamic changes are monitored before and after treatment with L-DOPA in hemi-PD mice. This extremely deformable implantable probe has the potential for use in the study and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, providing reliable monitoring of DA dynamics with minimal damage to brain tissue. © 2023 Wiley-VCH GmbH.
Related Researcher
  • 최지웅 Choi, Ji-Woong
  • Research Interests Communication System; Signal Processing; Communication Circuit Design; 생체 신호 통신 및 신호 처리; 뇌-기계 인터페이스(BMI); 차세대 교차계층 통신 및 신호 처리; 5G 모바일 통신
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