Neural Interfaces & MicroSystems Lab 29

The Neural Interfaces & MicroSystems Laboratory at DGIST focuses on the development of neural interfaces, neural stimulation methodologies for therapeutic purposes against certain neurological diseases, and micro devices/systems that are to be implanted in the body for the purpose of health monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and basic research. The key engineering and technological requirements are microfabrication (MEMS) technology, device integration and packaging, and engineering of biocompatible and biosafe materials.

Current research interests of our laboratory include:
1) Neural microelectrodes of both surface type and penetrating type
2) Optical stimulation and implantable magnetic stimulation, in addition to traditional electrical stimulation
3) Stretchable and Wearable sensors for bio-signal detection
4) Finite element analysis of spine implants

Advisor Professor : Kim, So Hee
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